Slide and Rotating Bathtub Chair HB7058B-MG

Slide and Rotating Bathtub Chair can give you the independence and dignity to bath yourself without assistance. It can help caregiver assist your love ones in the bath room.

3 in 1 Shower Commode HT4060B-BL

Is recommended for people who have mobility challenge or unsteady and at risk of falling. It can use as standard bedside toilet , or over the toilet and as shower chair.

Foldable Shower Chair HS5142A-BL

Conveniently folds for transport and storage. This chair is made of strong and sturdy durable aluminum frame. It have multi function use for shower, as an independence commode and over toilet.

Multi Function Shower Commode HT6129A-BL

is ideal for user who looking for maximize functionality with single shower unit. Can be used to transport from shower area without transfer to any transport device. Providing additional accessibility by allowing the chair to be wheeled directly over the toilet.

Shower Commode HS6660A-MG

The multi function shower commode chair is designed to fit over most standard toilet seats. The large self-propelled rear wheel and front casters allow easy transporting and maneuverability. The chair evolved into everyday use shower wheelchair that easy pack up and roll away whenever you are ready to go . Easy assembly with no tool required.